Message from the Executive Administration Team

Dear Parents and Caregivers

Last Thursday was a monumental day in our school’s history and culture. I am beyond proud that the culmination of strong, collaborative and strategic direction and high quality and impactful teaching and learning at Wembley PS in 2020 captured the hearts and minds of our students.

In a world of future focused skills and uncertainty, change is inevitable. In order to prepare our students for their future it is our role to develop their thinking skills; the soft and the hard skills. At Wembley Primary we do this through student agency. We give our students a voice.

When empowered, young people create, innovate and lead change. The Faction name change is about our story of change. Change for the right reasons. Timely change, significant and impactful change. This student-led change will be forever a part of our school’s reconciliation story.

Tim Winton, Professor Fiona Stanley and the families of Barbara Jackson and Graham (Polly) Farmer were absolutely delighted to become a part of our school culture.  


Transition to 2021 Classroom –  Thursday, 17 December at 8:45am 

As previously notified, on Wednesday afternoon you will be advised of your child’s class placement for 2021.  


In order for all students at Wembley to enjoy a smooth transition on Day 1 of 2021, they will go to their new classroom, with their school bag when the siren sounds at 8:45am on Thursday. Please ensure your child is at school early to avoid undue stress.  


Students who will be in Years 1, 2 and 3 in 2021 will meet their new teachers on the grassed quadrangle area outside the junior primary block, and students who will be in Years 45 and 6 in 2021 will go to the basketball court.

The 2021 classroom numbers will be visible on signs at 8:45am so students know where to line up with their new class. We are using the outside areas to meet as parents are still not permitted to enter verandas or classrooms. 


Students going into Pre-primary in 2021 will meet their new teacher on the southern facing Pre-primary classroom verandah. At 8:45am students will enter classrooms for 45 minutes before returning to their usual 2020 class. 


I take this opportunity to thank you for your continual support and encouragement in ensuring 2020 was successful for all students. This year has been a very different and unique year. COVID-19 caused a disruption in our lives and we all had to learn how to cope and make the best of it.  We had to make some serious adjustments to the way we go about doing things in order to keep ourselves and our learning environment safe.  Many had to make significant sacrifices, many had to adjust to different family and work situations and we all had to change our daily habits.  We knew to look for the good things COVID taught us and it helped us to work out what was really important in our lives. In that way, COVID-19 reinforced our CARES values, especially courage, care and accountability. 


We feel very fortunate to have the outstanding support of a future focused, proactive School Board and a dedicated, hardworking P&C who made significant contributions to the school learning environment including; three new playgrounds and $55K for iPad and Laptop leases. 


I am privileged to lead Wembley Primary School and to be supported by a fabulous team of educators and support staff who work hard each and every day to offer the best learning experiences and services to your children.  


Thursday is the final siren for our Year 6 graduates and a number of staff. We will meet on the school oval at 3pm for the traditional count down and to wish them all well as they leave to pursue their goals and dreams.   


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to seeing you all on 1 February, 2021. 

Collaborate, Connect, Communicate. 

Yours in learning

Executive Admin Team

Donna, Alan, Milani, Tamara

Important Dates and Information

STUDENT REPORTS – All parents are reminded that your child’s school report link is only available for one month. It is imperative that you save/print a copy for your own use at other times.

TERM 1 FIRST DAY FOR STUDENTS – Monday 1 February 2021.

CANTEEN REOPENS – Wednesday 3 February 2021.

THE SCHOOL OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED – from Friday 18 December 2020 and will reopen on Monday 25 January 2021.

WEBSITE SUBSCRIPTION – Please take the time over the holidays to subscribe on the home page of our website. Also please note, your class email subscriptions will no longer be valid. You will need to subscribe to your new class from 1 February 2021 onwards.

Qkr – You will be required to update your child’s profile, year and class on Qkr.

SCHOOL GROUNDS SECURITY – Department of Education Security – 9264 4771 or 24 hour contact: 9264 4632

Notification of Extended Leave –  Requirement

It is a Department of Education requirement for parents to advise the school prior to the commencement of school, if your child will be returning late from holidays and will not be attending on the first day of school, Monday 1 February 2021 (excluding Kindergarten students who do not attend school on Monday and Tuesday).

Please advise the Principal Mrs Donna Snow via email by this Thursday 17 December.

Class Representatives Needed for 2021

P&C class representatives are needed for 2021 classes.

Being a class rep is a great way to get to know the students and parents in your class and make a contribution to the school community. The role mainly involves organising some social catch ups throughout the year, keeping the class updated on any P&C news and forwarding P&C email communications.

If you would like to be the rep for your child’s 2021 class, please email Pip Browning at anytime over the holidays.

Class contact details will then be distributed early in Term 1.

Toy and Book Appeal

Thank you everyone for donating generously to the Smith Family Appeal. The Smith Family were very grateful for Wembley Primary School’s generosity and that the students wanted to help other kids.  There will be lots of happy kids this Christmas!


The Smith Family

School Dental Mobile

The School Dental Mobile will be closed 18/12/2020 until 29/01/2021

Emergency cover:

18/12 /21/12 and 22/12/20 –  Caralee Dental Therapy –  9337 6818

23/12/2020 until 25/01/2021 –  Mt Henry Dental Therapy –  9313 0555

27/01/2021 until 29/01/2021 –  Caralee Dental Therapy – 9337 6818

Dental Mobile re-opens at Jolimont Primary on 01/02/2021

Have a lovely holiday



Subiaco Mobile I Dental Health Services

North Metropolitan Health Service
Mental Health, Public Health and Dental Services

Jolimont Primary

657 Hay street

Jolimont 6014
Your Address
T: 0417 180 553
W: |
Our Vision: Excellence in health care for our community.

Community News – UWA West Coast Swimming Club

UWA West Coast Swimming Club Junior Development squads continue to run throughout January holidays and into Term 1 2021. Register now and be ready for all your swimming events this summer season.

Contact the UWSC office via email at