P & C Association

The P&C is an incorporated body that represents the interest of parents and members of the local community and is a collaboration between staff and parents to create a supportive culture of community and learning. Parents of students at the school may become members of the P&C Committee upon payment of a nominal fee of $1.


The Wembley Primary School Parents & Citizens Association aims to support Wembley Primary School in its mission to provide a high quality culture and environment for learning, friendship and personal development, for the benefit of all students, parents and teachers as well as the local community. The P&C is required to address the specific needs of students and areas of improvement highlighted by parents, teachers and local community members. Prioritisation of funding for projects is determined by consultation with these groups. Activities that the P&C undertakes include:

  • Coordinate the Uniform Shop and the Canteen.
  • Fundraise.
  • Communicate information from teachers to parents.
  • Build community through social events i.e. Under the Stars Movie Night.
  • Liaise with the School Board and the local council.


President – Danielle Clyne

Vice President – Susan Havlin

Secretary – Lauren Barendrecht

Treasurer – Abishek Baxi

WACSSO Rep – Susan Havlin

Communications Officer (Class Reps) – Ashe Seaton

Uniform Shop Convenor – Nat Ramsay

Fundraising and Fete Convenor – Georgina Ruloff

Dads of Grantham Street (DoGS) Convenor – Jake Delaney

Social Media Convenor – Susan Havlin

Community Engagement Convenor – Lauren Riley

Canteen Convenor – TBA

K/PP – Early Childhood Convenor – Evita Soldo

Constitution and Rules

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Official P&C Facebook Page

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Qkr! Online Payment System

Wembley Primary School P&C uses an online payment system for parents to pay for items offered by the P&C, P&C membership and fundraising such as the Canteen Gift-a-Shift.  Qkr! pronounced ‘quicker’ is a convenient and secure system for giving your permission and paying for events. Qkr is a Mastercard product and comes with all of their security.

Qkr can be used on smartphones, ipads, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

Previously the school used Qkr! for parents and carers to pay for excursions and school charges. All school related costs are now processed via Compass.

Qkr! App – Make Payments Via Smartphones, iPads or Tablets

Step 1.     Download the Qkr! by mastercard app from;

  •                  App Store for iPhone
  •                  Google Play for Android

Step 2.     Select Australia as Country of Residence

Step 3.     Find our School – Wembley Primary School

Step 4.     Follow the prompts to set up your account