Principal’s Welcome

We welcome you to the Wembley Primary School community. Wembley Primary School, established in 1936, has a long history of academic excellence, community support and the provision of a wide range of opportunities to enhance learning by developing the skills, interests and capabilities of all children in our care. 

Wembley Primary School strives to provide a dynamic learning environment that is underpinned by a future focused set of values. Collaboratively, we develop the essential values that empower students to courageously embrace the challenges of today and the future, whilst building the resilience required to welcome and respond to these challenges.  

Wembley C.A.R.E.S – our culture is built upon a set of core values which are embedded in all we do and symbolised by a community that cares for one another. We strive to provide a positive, friendly and supportive environment for students, staff and parents with strong emphasis on the development of self-worth, pastoral care and community. 

Our aim is for students to develop positive relationships, embrace diversity, inspire a deep appreciation for the environment and to treat themselves and others with respect.  

We believe there is a unique culture at Wembley and this community spirit is evident immediately when walking into Wembley Primary School and it invokes a sense of belonging and a lifelong association. Students build their future upon the foundations that Wembley Primary School provides. 

We all join in wishing you a meaningful and successful experience as a valued member of our school community. 

Julie Woodhouse, Principal