Wembley Primary School’s Chaplain

Meet Alessia Mitanoski

Alessia believes that building relationships with young people is key, strengthening their confidence, well-being, resilience, and sense of self. Further empowering and guiding the young people of today, to strive, achieve and pave the journey in which they choose. 

She has been working as a Residential Youth Worker for 3 years and with students in Education for over 9 years, implementing a holistic and person-centred approach to assist in overcoming life’s challenges. Alessia has a bachelor’s degree in Youth Work, and Certificates 3 and 4 as an Education Assistant both in Mainstream and Special Needs.

She works alongside the students in the school community; building on their social, spiritual, and emotional well-being; helping students to gain a sense of belonging; and the ability to communicate their needs and guide the students to achieve success. Alessia looks forward to working with the students and the community. 

About our Chaplaincy Program

Our chaplain is employed by OnPsych which is a non-profit organisation supporting the wellbeing of children through pastoral care. It is not a faith-based organisation.

OnPysch chaplains tend to the emotional, mental, spiritual, and social needs of students, their families, and staff.

The responsibilities of our Chaplain is to support the educational, social and emotional well-being of students. Alessia works closely with all associated staff to support students and their educational outcomes, as well as staff, families and the wider community.

Access this to this service includes:

  1. Student self-referral
  2. Teacher referral
  3. Administration referral

Alessia fulfils her chaplaincy role at Wembley Primary School 2 days per week, on Mondays and Fridays from 8-4pm. Our students have access to this support through funding provided by the Department of Education WA.

This school support service aims to provide hope for young peoples’ futures by helping them achieve their best at school, create positive relationships and contribute to their school and community.