Student-led Faction Name Change

Our faction names are the result of a student-led change project in 2020, resulting from an inquiry learning sequence and public speaking focus. Previously the factions were named after male colonial settlers. Following a proposal by two Year 6 students to move to an equal gender and indigenous/non-indigenous representation approved by the Principal and endorsed by the School Board, students researched and all voted on re-naming the factions after significant Western Australian men and women who aligned with our school values and the cultural diversity in our society. The inclusion of First Nations people from Western Australia and equality of gender was highly important to our students in this process.

The final candidates chosen were two females (one indigenous and one non-indigenous) and two males (one indigenous and one non-indigenous).

1. Prof Fiona Stanley, public health campaigner, epidemiologist and Patron of Telethon Kids Institute. Blue was chosen by the students to represent her ‘problem solving abilities and big picture thinking’.

2. Barbara Jackson, Noongar woman and a passionate Aboriginal rights campaigner & inspirational educator. Our students believed red belonged to Mrs Jackson as she was a woman with great feelings & compassion.

3. Tim Winton, the Western Australian novelist was voted for by students as the non-Indigenous male representative. Winton’s creativity & ability to think laterally and generate new ideas combined with his strong passion for the environment matches the colour green.

4. Graham ‘Polly’ Farmer: In the words of one Year 6 student – ‘Graham ‘Polly’ Farmer used to leap for the sun so it must be yellow . It also represents Graham Farmer’s positive contributions to AFL and for being a role model to all AFL players and Indigenous communities across the country.

The school has four factions:

  • Stanley – Blue
  • Winton – Green
  • Jackson – Red
  • Farmer – Yellow

We acknowledge the leadership and passion shown by former Year 6 students (2020 Leavers) Charlotte Keenan and Henry Leaver who were instrumental in driving this change.

Wembley PS Indigenous Design Story

Learn about how student voice features in our indigenous design journey, resulting in a new addition to our school uniform on Year 6 Leavers and Staff shirts in 2022. Our Student Representative Council and school leadership team collaborated with First Nations artist and school leader Rosie Paine to create a design that connects our school to Noongar culture and the Country we are learning on.


Noongar Language – National Anthem

Our students sing the 2nd verse of the Australian National Anthem in Noongar at all major school events and assemblies. Music specialist teacher Mrs Kate Humphreys taught students and staff how to pronounce the words and sing the 2nd verse in Noongar in 2022. The school uses the translation developed for the Massed Choir Festival which consulted with Elders to ensure correct Noongar translations and pronunciation. Students sing the 2nd verse in Noongar with pride, allowing our students to respect and acknowledge Noongar Boodja.