A huge thank you to all the students who participated in the MS Readathon and to everyone in the community who sponsored them. We raised a phenomenal $15,895 and read 1,775 books, smashing both our goals!

We are so incredibly proud of our students and thankful to everyone for supporting such a worthy cause and helping to bring awareness to the challenges faced by those living with neurological conditions.

The money raised will go towards family fun days, family camps and support groups for those in our community who live with a neurological condition.

We are yet to find out if we are officially the top fundraising school in Australia, but it is looking promising. Fingers crossed!

Thank you, 

Mrs Jordan and Madame Ibbotson 

R U OK? Thursday 8 September – Wear Yellow to School

R U OK? is a harm prevention charity that encourages people to stay connected and have conversations that can help others through difficult times in their lives. R U OK? Day is on Thursday, 8 September and we invite all students (and any family members bringing their children to school!) to wear yellow as a reminder of the importance of asking “R U OK?”.

Follow the four steps to starting a conversation:

  1. Ask R U OK?
  2. Listen
  3. Encourage Action
  4. Check in

Parents are invited to visit the website below for some excellent information for their children and for themselves. We look forward to seeing a sea of yellow as our Wembley community asks “R U OK?”.


Uniform Shop

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Apologies go out to all those who have ordered over the last two weeks. We have had an illness in the house which has made it impossible to get to the school. Deliveries will take place later this week.

Please also be aware of the following items on sale through Qkr!

Choir Shirts     Sizes 8, 12 and 14 at just $10

Long Sleeved Polos in size 14 and 16 at $20

Zipper Jumpers in size 14 and 16 at $35

Shorts in size 18 and 20 at $15

Blue Faction Shirts in size 14 at $15

Any queries please feel free to contact us at wembleyuniformshop@gmail.com.

Warm regards

Nat Ramsay

Uniform Subcommittee Convenor

Canteen – Volunteers

Volunteering in the canteen is always great fun, and your kids love seeing you.  If you are able to volunteer in our canteen please sign up here

Have Sum Fun Competition

On Saturday, 24 Years 5 and 6 students attended the Have Sum Fun Competition at Penrhos College.

The event is run by MAWA. It consists of 4 rounds, each with 8 questions. In groups of 6, students have 20 minutes to answer their 8 questions.

Students had so much fun working collaboratively and creatively solving some tricky maths problems.

Our teams did incredibly well and we are so proud of their achievements. There were 33 teams who attended and here are our results!


Wembley Whizz Kids – 7th place

  • Jayden A
  • Yixiang Y
  • Aryan N
  • Veer K
  • Harrison H
  • James R

Wembley Warlocks –  21st place

  • Jake C
  • Mitchell P
  • Lachy F
  • Hamish F
  • Zoe H
  • Maddy F

Wembley Weapons – 8th place

  • Ben T
  • Zephyr T
  • Ben T
  • Vikash V
  • John L
  • Daniel J

Wembley Wizards – 6th place

  • Thomas D
  • Jamie Y
  • Ethan L
  • Claire T
  • Erica L
  • Elena H

Children’s Crossing Herdsman Parade

The Traffic Warden who works at the Children’s Crossing on Herdsman Parade, near Alexander Street is unable to work from Friday 9 September until 10 October .  Unfortunately we have no relief staff available to cover the position.

Deb Mclean, Staff Officer

Childrens Crossings Unit, WA Police Force, (08) 6274 8734

Compass for Parents – We go live in Term 4!

This term, our school officers and Admin team have been working with Compass behind the scenes to prepare our school Compass portal. Compass is a school management system that will enable the school to have a more streamlined approach to communications.

Prior to the start of Term 4, you will receive an email with your login details. You will be able to use the app or website to login and view your child’s profile. Until then, staff are being trained on how to use the platform and the portal is being configured to meet the school’s needs. We will begin a staged rollout starting Term 4 with attendance and a school and class news feed.

Please follow the link here to read more about the Compass platform.

Chaplain Corner – Mindful Mondays

The Juniors braved the currently chilling weather yesterday morning. We began with getting our Vitamin-sea and tasting lemons. By the reactions displayed lemons may not be their favourite food. The juniors were then tasked with creating a raft. We had all hands and creativity on deck. There is nothing ‘mainstream’ about these rafts and we look forward to testing them on water!


Alessia Princi


Pre-primary – Year 2 Athletics Carnival

Last Wednesday, it was our junior students turn for team games, sprints and relays on the school oval. It was perfect weather and a great community turnout for the morning. We were so proud of all students who took part, giving their very best efforts and joining in with such enthusiasm. It was so much fun having our Kindy students join us to start the morning with a fun running race followed by team games for our PP-Year 2 students.

Thank you to Amy Suijendorp, Gemma Blewitt and Caroline Read for all their help with the organisation. It was Amy’s final stint in the scoring tent after 12 years assisting us as a parent volunteer. Thank you Amy! We also thank all teachers, EAs and Mr Bowman and Mrs Watson for all the organisation and training prior to the event. A great day all round and congratulations to each faction for their efforts, results are as follows.

  1. Winton
  2. Farmer
  3. Jackson
  4. Stanley

Interschool Athletics

Interschool Athletics is approaching, and Wembley will be looking to defend their title again this year.

Day 1 – will be held on our school oval on Wednesday September 14. Below is an approximate schedule of events.

Please remember the times are a rough guide.

Day 2 –  will be held at McLean Oval in Floreat on Wednesday September 21. Also see below for an approximate guide of times for events for the day. Spectators are welcome at both days.

Parents, if you are able to assist on either of the days, please email Mr Bowman; jonathon.bowman@education.wa.edu.au.

Students Leaving

To assist with school planning for 2023, if your child is leaving Wembley Primary School at the end of 2022, can you please send an email to wembley.ps@education.wa.edu.au, advising of the following details:

  • Destination school
  • Date of last day at Wembley

This does not include current Year 6 students moving to high shcool.

Thank you.

P&C Kindy PP Tea Towel Fundraiser