As indicated, your child/ren will need to isolate as a close contact unless directed otherwise. Our aim is to keep them connected to learning and to there classmates and teacher. Please see links below for information about how the home learning plan will work. We have also attached a general suggested timetable. This is flexible and you can plan the day to suit your family.

The teacher will be assigning activities via the Seesaw Class app to begin the following day. You should use the Seesaw Home Learning Code to sign in. This will be distributed shortly if you don’t already have the code. The teacher will also post a short check-in message to keep child/ren connected.

Your child/ren can complete the activities on Seesaw or use any paper or exercise books you have in the house. Once they complete an activity, a photo can be uploaded to Seesaw. Your child/rens teacher will add different activities to complete over the days they are at home. There will also be specialist activities to choose from too.

As the teacher will be teaching the class face-to-face during the day, if you have any questions during the school day please don’t hesitate to contact the school for support. We are here to help.