Message from Administration

Dear parents and caregivers

This week we are shining a spotlight on the amazing students in our community who process the world in a different way. Neurodiversity is an umbrella term used to describe alternative thinking and processing styles such as Dyslexia, DCD (Dyspraxia), Dyscalculia, Autism and ADHD.  


Regardless of labels, neurodiversity is about recognising those who think differently. And no matter which environment you are in – school, work, community activities or on the sporting field, we can all benefit from different thinkers! Approximately 15-20% of population has a neurological difference. 


Instead of labelling people with deficits or disorders, when we use the term neurodiversity, we take a balanced view of an individual’s unique strengths and challenges. Many ‘challenges’ neurodivergent people face are more to do with the environment and systems they are placed in, often designed by a majority population. 


There are a number of fantastic resources you can access as a parent on the Neurodiversity Week website here. There are also some great resources you can share with your child here for our older students and in the library we have many fantastic picture books which support awareness and understanding.  

As an inclusive and supportive school community, we can all do our part to help our students understand and celebrate these differences.  

Harmony Week   

This week we also celebrate Harmony Week and embrace our cultural diversity at Wembley Primary School. Harmony Week is also about inclusiveness, respect and belonging for all Australians, from the Traditional Owners of the land to our most recent arrivals. To celebrate, students are invited to wear orange for the day which represents peace, harmony and togetherness or dress in cultural attire. The canteen is also running a special menu for the day which will feature a Penang Malaysian fried rice and a special orange recess. Mrs Avanthi Fernando and Jill Jordan coordinated Harmony Week this year and I thank them for all her hard work in the background. Thank you to Mel and her hard working team of parents and carers who have been willing to provide a special menu for the day.  

Year 4-6 Faction Swimming Carnival:  

Back on the 6 March we held our annual faction swimming carnival. It was wonderful to see so many parents, carers and grandparents supporting our students at the carnival. It was a great day and we were so impressed with how our students participated throughout the day, particularly our Year 4 students at their first swimming carnival. Sportsmanship, courage and resilience was on full display. A huge thank you to Mr Bowman and Mrs Watson for their organisation of the before school swimming training attended by sometimes over 100 students, their organisation prior to the day and on the day, ensuring a successful well-timed event.  

It was a team effort and our staff and parent volunteers did an amazing job. A special thank you to Mrs Roula Felekis for her amazing organisation with all the parent volunteers. Well done to the students who were outstanding on an individual level and were recognised in the Champion Girl/Boy and Runner-up presentations. Winton made history being the overall winning faction breaking Farmer’s winning streak. Congratulations to our Winton students and all Year 4-6 students for their efforts. A special mention also to Mr Bowman, Mrs McCarthy, Mrs Lucas’ husband Adam and Luke Vedelago for volunteering to represent the staff relay team in the parent teacher race.  

Year 4 Champion Boys 

Ashton B and Johnnie H

Year 4 Runner up 

 Raffael V 

Year 4 Champion Girl  

Zoe V 

Year 4 Runner up 

 Jess R 

Year 5 Champion Boy  

Levi W 

Year 5 Runner up 

 Ben Mc 

Year 5 Champion Girl  

Sam E 

Year 5 Runner up 

 Eva D 

Year 6 Champion Boy  

Sam W 

Year 6 Runner up 

 Lewis W 

 Year 6 Champion Girl  

Claire D 

Year  6 Runner up 

Amelia M




As we approach the upcoming Easter school holidays, I wanted to extend my warmest wishes to our families. The school holiday break is a time for rest and to unwind and spend quality time with loved ones. I want to express my gratitude for your ongoing support and collaboration. Your partnership plays a pivotal role in creating a positive and enriching learning environment for our students. This is my final newsletter for the term as the Principal before returning to my substantive Deputy Principal role. Donna Snow will be retuning next term.  

We wish everyone a safe and happy Easter holiday break.  

Yours in learning, 

Milani, Nat, Jemma and Lisa. 

Years 4 – 6 Faction Swimming Carnival

School Board Parent Representative Voting

An email went out to parents yesterday with login details to vote.  We are strongly encouraging  all community members to have a say.

Please read the bio’s of each nominee and vote.

The election is open for 7 days and closes on Monday 25 March at 4:30pm.

Milani Grace 


WA Student Assistance Payment

The Premier and Minister announced the WA Student Assistance Payment on Sunday morning. It is a cost-of-living payment to provide relief to families with the costs associated with schooling. This payment is for parents and carers of students enrolled in schooling in WA. This includes home-schooled students, and students enrolled in SIDE. A full list of eligibility criteria is on the WASAP website

WA Student numbers:

 Parents will need their child’s WA student number (WASN) to submit a claim. This can be found on school reports and previous NAPLAN results. Kindergarten students will not have received a report, therefore a copy of your child’s WA student number will go home with them this week.

Previous school reports can be found on Compass. Please make sure you open the app in browser. Then on the left hand side click on ‘View Academic Reports ‘

How to claim:

Parents and carers need to claim this payment, you will not automatically receive it.

  • We are promoting the use of ServiceWA to claim the payment. This is the easiest way for parents and carers because your identity has already been validated throughout the app set-up. Claims can be submitted through ServiceWA from Monday 15 April.
  • There is also an online form and a paper-based form that people can download and complete.
  • The online form will ask parents and carers to upload 100-points of identity documentation and all the personal information for the students on their claim. Paper-based forms will need to be accompanied by printed copies of the identity documents.  Paper-based forms must be mailed to a postage paid locked bag.


A support line has been established for parents and carers to manage any enquiries regarding eligibility and how to claim. Parents and carers can call 1800 882 345 for support between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday

A set of frequently asked questions have been prepared and are attached for your perusal.


Letter from the Premier and Minister for Education to Parents

Milani Grace 


Pre-primary to Year 6 Attendance

Late Drop Off

School commences at 8.50am, if your child arrives at school after 8.50am, parents of Pre-primary to Year 6 Students are required to come and sign students in at the front office on the Compass Kiosk.  Parents need to take the white slip to give to the class teacher. This will help us track attendance for mandatory schooling.

Collecting Student during School Hours

Parents of Pre-primary to Year 6 Students  must sign their child out at the front office prior to collection of student at classroom.  Parents are to take the white slip to the teacher.

Compass Kiosk Location

We are looking at installing a Compass kiosk down in the Early Learning area to help facilitate this for parents of Pre-primary students, however in the meantime please come to the front office.

Milani Grace 


Kindergarten – Term 2 – Wednesday Attendance Changes

Due to the Term 2 being an 11 week term, Kindy Wednesday attendance for Term 2 only will change to the following:

Kindy B & D attend Wednesdays on odd weeks, commencing week 1, 17 April 2024 and thereafter on weeks 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11.

Kindy A & C attend Wednesdays on even weeks, commencing week 2, 24 April 2024 and thereafter on weeks 4, 6, 8 and 10.

Terms 3 and 4 revert back to the normal timetable for Kindy Wednesdays.

Music Assembly – Tuesday 26 March at 2:35pm – Undercover Area

Just a reminder that the music assembly this year is in Term 1 Week 9 on Tuesday 26 March at 2:35pm.

This will feature the Junior Choir, Senior Choir and Concert Band and is our first performance of the year!

We would love to see all parents there!

Kate Humphreys
Full Time Music Specialist 

P&C Association – General Meeting

Tuesday 26 March @ 7:30pm in the WPS Library

Please join us next week for a General Meeting in the school library to see what your P&C is planning for 2024.  All are welcome!

If you want to be able to vote on any motions, please join the P&C before the meeting by paying your $1 on Qkr (fixed now for Android users!) or you can pay in person at the meeting. If you would like to attend without becoming a member and see what the P&C is all about, that’s great too.

Thank you.

WPS P&C Secretary 

Year 4 Excursion to Herdsman Lake Discovery Centre

Last Wednesday 13 March the Year 4s went to the Herdsman Lake Discovery Centre on an excursion for Biological Science.

We have been learning that living things have life cycles and depend on each other to survive. The Year 4s did some aquatic scooping, sifting and searching through leaf litter and a lake / bush boardwalk. We learnt about the animals and their habitats. We were able to examine them by catching and putting them into a petri dish. Then we put them under a microscope and zoomed in to see them in more detail. Our favourite activity was the aquatic scooping. The Discovery Centre holds free tours and guided bird walks the first Sunday of every month from 2-4pm. We think it would make a great family activity.

Written by Eva Y and Noah G

Tennis West Academy Plate

This year, on the 5 March,  selected Year 5 and 6 boys attended the Tennis West Academy Plate competition at Alexander park. We competed against multiple schools in a round robin competition. It was a great day seeing the boys playing several games including singles and double matches.

Kathryn Watson

Physed Teacher

Synergy Solar Car Challenge 2024

The Synergy Solar Car Challenge proved to be an exhilarating journey for Team Lightning McWembley, comprising Dylan H, Joshua S, Jasmin S, and Rachael L. Under the guidance of Mrs. Webber, the team dedicated many lunch hours to prepare for the competition, honing their skills and expertise in building and testing their solar car.

As the competition day dawned, excitement filled the air as the team arrived early at the venue, eager to put their hard work to the test. However, their hopes of harnessing solar power were dashed by the overcast skies, forcing a sudden shift to battery power. Undeterred, the team swiftly adapted to the new challenge, displaying resilience and determination.

With the countdown underway, Team Lightning McWembley sprang into action, assembling their car with precision and speed. Drawing upon their collaborative efforts and lessons learned from practice sessions, they integrated their acquired knowledge and skills into the construction of their battery-powered vehicle.

In addition to the races, bonus points were up for grabs for the best-named car and the tidiest table. The team meticulously tidied their workspace and named their vehicle ‘Lightning McWembley.’

The races were a rollercoaster of emotions for the team, with setbacks and triumphs alike. Despite encountering a mechanical issue in the first race, they bounced back resiliently to clinch first place in the second race. The pressure mounted in the final race, where their performance would determine their fate in the competition.

Although securing third place in the final race, uncertainty loomed over their advancement to the next round. A sudden death round provided a glimmer of hope for redemption, but despite their valiant efforts, Team Lightning McWembley fell short by a mere 30cm, narrowly missing out on progression.

Despite the disappointment of not standing on the podium, the Synergy Solar Car Challenge was an invaluable experience for Team Lightning McWembley and their future endeavours in STEAM.

Canteen – Harmony Day

On Thursday we are celebrating Harmony Day and that everyone belongs.

We will be hosting a huge recess (so send the kids along with some coins) and a delicious lunch option.

Lunch available to order now on QuickCliq.  Orders close 9am Wednesday.

We would also love volunteers to serve recess from 10am.  Please email me at if you can help.


Canteen Manager

DOGS – Dads of Grantham Street

Parent Car Parking – ACROD Permit Parking Only

Just a friendly reminder to all parents parking in the community centre car park.  Please only use the ACROD car parking bays if you have a valid permit which must be displayed at all times whilst using these car bays.

Redhage Basketball – After School Program Term 2

Community News

Children’s Crossings Unattended

The Children’s Crossings on Herdsman Parade will be unattended until further notice.  Unfortunately there is no relief staff available to cover the positions.

Please explain to your children to be extra vigilant whilst crossing the roads without a warden present.

WA Police Force Children’s Crossings Unit – VACANCIES – TRAFFIC WARDENS

The Children’s Crossing Unit is currently seeking people to work.  We encourage our community to share this position description below to ensure the safety of our school community.

The WA Police Force are looking to establish a pool of applicants to fill current and future vacancies in the Wembley area and surrounding suburbs.



The position of Traffic Warden is to ensure safe pedestrian access of essentially primary age children across carriageways at children’s crossings.

Working Conditions:

  • School Days, Monday to Friday.
  • Contract: casual contract opportunities are available. (Terms and conditions of employment are those provided by the Western Australia Police School Traffic Wardens Agreement 2011).
  • Standard Children’s Crossing Hours: 1 hour in morning and 1 hour in afternoon.
  • Hourly Rate: $29.68 per hour, which includes 20% loading in lieu of payment for public holidays, annual leave and sick leave.
  • Laundry Allowance: $0.76 per week.
  • Motor Vehicle Allowance payable under certain conditions.
  • Full training and uniform provided.

For Further Information and an Application Package:

Telephone: (08) 6274 8731  or email

PLEASE NOTE:       It is highly desirable for applicants to have a current WA driver’s licence and use of a motorised vehicle.  Applicants will be required to complete a health assessment, integrity and criminal check, training and if successful, will also be required to apply for a ‘Working with Children’ card.

The cost of the Working with Children Card and up to $70 towards a health assessment will be reimbursed once training is successfully completed.

Wembley Lacrosse Club

Registrations for the Wembley 2024 Modcrosse are now open! We have 2 main activities planned for the 2024 season:

After School Modcrosse:

April 19 to May 10, Fridays 3:30pm – 4:30pm at Wembley Lacrosse Club (4 sessions)

Regular Season Modcrosse:

Starts 16th May – training Thursdays, games on Saturdays at Wembley Lacrosse Club

For more details, please refer to the attached flyers.

YMCC Hockey Club


YMCC Hockey club is the local club that Wembley Primary has been a fantastic support for over the past 10 years. We are based at Perry Lakes with beautiful grounds and a fantastic carnival atmosphere competition every Saturday morning in Term 2 and 3. Come along and join us for a fantastic 2024 season.

Teams are currently being organised for Wembley Primary by these two coordinators:

Year 1 and 2:

Emma Morton: 0420 762 910  

Year 3 and 4:

Serena Gidman: 0420 226 460 

YMCC is one of the most successful junior clubs in WA and for the last 2 years has been the only club with a Division 1 team in every single age group and gender group ! Please see our website for more information about our great club:

And follow us on Facebook !

Wembley Junior Football Club

Lake Monger Reserve – Basketball Court and Picnic Area

The Town of Cambridge is proposing to upgrade the existing basketball pad to either a full or half-size basketball court. The planned upgrade for this area also includes the addition of picnic facilities, tree planting, and landscaping.  The Town of Cambridge are reaching out to all likely users of this reserve to provide feedback on this proposal and request.  Click on the below survey link for further details of this proposal viewable on the project page of the Town’s website: