Message from the Executive Administration Team

Dear parents and caregivers

It has been an eventful week at Wembley with the impact of COVID cases beginning to be felt in our school community. Parents and caregivers will have received direct communications by email in relation to cases associated with the school. In a school the size of Wembley, it was inevitable that cases would begin to emerge. However, we have not experienced any transmission within the school environment and will continue to ensure that all possible strategies are in place to help mitigate risk.

I empathise with every family who is currently isolating at home. Our students want to be at school, learning with their friends and going to community sport and activities. It’s difficult to be isolated and stuck at home, for both parents/carers and our students. Many of our isolating students have started home learning. For one class, their teacher and EA is at home too and able to interact and respond throughout the day. However, for most students their teachers are at school teaching the remainder of their classmates during the school day. We understand that it’s harder for your child to feel connected in this instance.

Keep your child’s day balanced with lots of opportunities to play, get out into the garden and have regular breaks. You could supervise a Zoom or FaceTime after school so your child can connect with their friends face-to-face online. Keep your own self-care at the top of the agenda. It’s a lot to absorb and manage as a parent/carer. Be kind to yourselves. Put aside anything non-essential, you have enough to focus on right now in keeping your family connected and calm. Quality family time and connection is so important right now so lots of walks in nature and time at the park for everyone. Do what you can to stay healthy, emotionally and physically.

We are walking with you on this journey and want to support you as best we can. Please be patient with us as we navigate the changing guidelines and mandates. Families will have received specific communication about the upcoming mask mandate which commences Thursday. I know that this will present a challenge for some. It is important to note that as we approach the predicted escalation in cases, mask wearing will help limit transmission in the school setting and lower the need for those year levels to be deemed close contacts in the event of a positive case. We want our students at school to learn and see their friends. Your support with approaching this change positively is so appreciated.

Learning Environment

PP Playground Upgrade: The upgrade is finally complete following a few delays. Our PP students are loving the new double slide, letter panel, shop front and extra climbing nets! Thank you to parents for your P&C voluntary contributions and support of fundraising which helped this upgrade go ahead in partnership with the school.



Engagement and Relationships

P&C: Last week, the P&C Annual General Meeting was held online with an excellent turnout from the community. I thank everyone for their engagement and commitment to keeping our P&C active. Congratulations to our new corporate executive. We also have a number of other parents who have volunteered their time as convenors for the various sub-committees that are so important for the various fundraising and community engagement roles that the P&C performs.

President: Danielle Clyne

Vice President: Susan Havlin

Secretary: Lauren Barendrecht

Treasurer: Abishek Baxi

We also have a number of other parents who have volunteered their time as convenors for the various sub-committees that are so important for the various fundraising and community engagement roles that the P&C performs. You can find all these members listed on our website here. Thank you to these people for their time and efforts. We couldn’t do it without you!

I also wish to sincerely thank Tiffany Fox, Helen Gotjamanos, Bailey Stewart and Sally Coomes for all their hard work on the P&C in their corporate executive roles until now. We appreciate all the time you have put in. Volunteering on the P&C is a big commitment, particularly in an executive role. Special mention must go to Tiffany for the amazing job coordinating the AGM online. It was no small feat to coordinate. Thank you again for your work as President on behalf of the whole community. We wish Tiffany and her family all the best for the future.

School Board Community Member Vacancy: Last week, I called for expressions of interest for the community member category for our School Board. Please note that current Wembley PS parents are unable to nominate for this category. If you are interested in the School Board as a parent, please see the newsletter next week for information about upcoming positions as a parent representative.

The community member category is quite separate to these elected positions and ensures a diverse voice and skillset informs school directions.

We are seeking expressions of interest from ex-students/Wembley PS alumni who may be interested in joining the School Board. You may know of an ex-student who graduated from one our local high schools who has or is pursuing a career in education or fields important to our school priorities (see Business Plan) and/or has a desire to stay connected to their local community and contribute to the school’s directions.

If you know of a community member (16 years plus) who may be interested in this opportunity, please ask them to complete this short form here to indicate interest in the position. The principal will then make contact with each nominee to discuss next steps. It is important to note that an election is not required for community member vacancies, the School Board may appoint a suitably qualified person by vote in a meeting. Thank you for helping promote this opportunity with your networks.


Yours in learning

The Senior Leadership Team

Tamara, Milani, Alan, Rachel and Natalie

P & C News

Welcome to the P&C office bearers for 2022!
After a massive and well-attended AGM last week, the P&C is pleased to introduce the 2022 office bearers and sub-committee convenors. Thank you everyone for your support!

President: Dani Clyne

Vice President: Susan Havlin

Treasurer: Abishek Baxi

Secretary: Lauren Barendrecht

Sub-committee convenors and other roles:

Canteen: Vanessa Saunders

Uniform: Nat Ramsay

K/PP: Lauren Riley

Fundraising: Victoria Martelli

Fete: Victoria Martelli

DoGS: Jake Delaney

Social media: Susan Havlin

Community engagement: Jorelle Little

WACSSO rep: Delvene Mercer

Comms officer: Ashe Seaton

Harmony Week

Harmony Week is being celebrated from Monday  21 March to 25 March 2022.

We will be celebrating this event with some special events.

On Wednesday 23 March,  the students and staff will be dressing in their national costume or wearing orange, as this the colour for Harmony. On this day the canteen will serve special orange treats at recess and serve a special Mexican food box at lunchtime.

There is a writing competition with a Dymock’s Book voucher of $30 for first prize and a $15 book voucher for second prize for each division.

The divisions are: Pre-primary to Year 2,  Year 3 to Year 4 and Year 5 to Year 6. The children can write their entry at home with the theme of harmony. They may write a poem, story or persuasive text.

Please have your entry in by 13 March. Place your entry into the special marked boxes in the library.


We need your help!

To operate our canteen four days a week, we need volunteer support. We have been getting less than half of our positions filled each week and really do need YOU.
Our jobs are nothing more skilful than you would do at home so anyone is capable of helping out.
Tasks include flipping pikelets, making sandwiches, sticking labels onto lunch bags, weighing up baking ingredients, packing lunch baskets and serving our kids.
It’s a great insight to what we do and serve at our canteen and you can hit us up with any culinary questions you have. Conversation is always good, and we offer tea, coffee and treats to all of our helpers.
We appreciate every bit of help we get so please, if you have an hour or two to spare, sign up here

Swimming Carnival Lunch Boxes Years 4-6

Next Wednesday, 9th March, we will have carnival boxes for all of our Y4-6 swimmers.
This will be the only option available from the canteen for our Y4-6 students on Wednesday.
Pre-orders open tomorrow and our boxes contain:
A ham & cheese roll OR vegetarian cheese & tomato roll
Fresh fruit, a go-fast chocolate muffin and a have-fun sneaky treat
All boxes will be delivered to the stadium at noon.



Book Club Delays

Apologies for the late delivery of items ordered from the Issue #1 Catalogue.  Normally items would have arrived LAST week however, at this stage we are hoping they arrive THIS week. Thank you for your patience and continuing support of Book Club and therefore your school.

Jill Jordan – Library Officer / Book Club Coordinator

Uniform Shop News

An update from Perm-A-Pleat.

Please note that mesh polos will not be available from size 6 upwards until at least May due to issues with COVID.  Also shorts are now back in stock.
When ordering through Perm-A-Pleat please ensure you put your child’s new room number.
Please remember you can also buy stock through Qkr! This includes bathers, faction shirts, zipper jumpers, long sleeve polos and choir shirts (of limited sizes).

Nat Ramsay and Susan Havlin

Uniform Coordinators


Before School Training

Before school swimming continues this week on Wednesday and Friday mornings at Bold Park Aquatic Centre. This Wednesday 2 March there will be a swim-a-thon.  Students are encouraged to come along and swim as many laps as they can to get points for their faction.  There will also be prizes!

Faction Carnival Year 4 – 6

The Faction Swimming Carnival is Wednesday 9 March at 9.30am.  At this stage the carnival will still go ahead, and parents will be notified if there are any changes to this.

Parent spectators are welcome but please be mindful of mask requirements and that a 2-square-metre physical distancing rule applies.

Please complete permission and payment as soon as possible and this can be done via the Qkr app.

Thank you

Jon Bowman


4.30pm to 5.30pm at Perry Lakes Reserve.

Bookings essential please on :

YMCC is our local Junior Hockey club at Perry Lakes in Floreat. Wembley Primary has a long history of teams entered in the YMCC Saturday morning competitions.

Junior hockey at YMCC begins with Minkey for Kindy and PP kids then moves into schools based team competitions for year 1 and 2 on quarter fields. Year 3 and 4 juniors play on larger fields in the YMCC Sat morning competition against other schools and also local hockey clubs. We have been running this competition now for almost 20 years.

For Year 5 and up players YMCC junior teams play in the Hockey WA competitions with home games at Perry Lakes or on our home turf at Shenton College. Please register on our YMCC Website for all ages , grading begins March 8 and 10 for Years 5 and 6.

For all information please visit our website :

OR Year 1-4 ages email Kath Shelley our Sub Junior Coordinator on :